Current Lab Members

Principal Investigator 

Prof. Pratim Biswas

The Lucy and Stanley Lopata Professor

Chair, Department of Ene​​rgy, Environmental and Chemical Engineering

Director, MAGEEP

Director, Nano Research Facility (NNIN-WUStL site)

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Research Assistant Faculty

Su Huang

Synthesis and Characterization of Highly Efficient Next Generation Photovoltaic Devices

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Post-Doctoral Researchers

 Anna Leavey​

Characterization of Particle Emission from Biomass Combustion & Cook Stoves

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Ramesh Raliya

Nanoparticle Synthesis and Application in Biological System

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Doctoral Graduate Students

Ahmed Abokifa

Smart Water Infrastructures

Co-advised by Dr. Lo


Kelsey Haddad
Thin Film Deposition ​via Aerosol Routes for Biomedical and Environmental Sensing Applications
Co-advised by Dr. Fortner

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Sukrant Dhawan

Modelling diffusion denuder for organic aerosol separation from co-pollutant gases

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Sungyoon Jung

Catalyst Synthesis and Envrionmental Applications


Clayton Kacica

Material Synthesis for Next Generation Lithium Ion Batteries


Bedia Begum Kara​kocak

In-vitro Toxicity Assessment of Nanoparticles on Ocular Tissue, ARPE-19 Cell Line

Co-advised by Dr. Ravi

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Shalinee Kavadiya

Aerosol Routes to Fabricate Perovskite Solar Devices

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Zhich​a​o Li​​

Submicrometer Particle Capture in a Pressurized Electrostatic Precipitator

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Jiayu Li

Modification of Condensation Particle Counter

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Yao Nie

Synthesis of Graphene based Material and Environmental Application

Co-advised by Dr. Fortner

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Sameer Patel

Particulate and Gaseous Emission Characterization and Modeling of Particle Formation during Biomass Combustion

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Miguel Vazquez Pufleau

Silicon Kerf Purification

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Nathan Reed

Aerosol Science of TiO2/SiO2 and Fe3O4/SiO2 Composite Nanoparticles

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Derek Rife

Numerical Simulation of Aerosol Dynamics, Transport, and Deposition

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Girish Sharma

Modeling of Crumpled Graphene

Co-advised by Dr. Chakrabarty

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Yang Wang

Measurement and Charge Charaterization of sub 2nm Particles Generated by Aerosol Reactor

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Undergraduate Students

  1. Martin Yamane 

    Project: Characterization of Silicon Dust and Beads for Silane CVD Fluidized Bed Reactor Optimization

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  2. Clement Koh

    Project: Modeling the Particle Charge Distribution in Flames

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  3. Corban Swain

    Project: Development of graphene based nucleotide sensor

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  4. Collin Wade

    Project: Fabrication of Perovskite Solar Cells for Efficient Energy Conversion

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  5. Caroline Avery

    Project: Identification of Graphene on NASA Plasma Reactor

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  6. Theodore Cohen

    Project: Simulation and Designing of FlAR Set-up for Large Scale Nanoparticle Production

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Visiting Researchers


  1. Yanjie Hu

    Project: Scaling up the Nanoparticle Synthesis by Flame Aerosol Reactor (FLAR)​


  2. Liang-Yi Yin

    Project: Synthesis of Nitrogen-doped reduced graphene oxide/TiO2 nanocomposite for improved photocatalytic reduction of CO2


  3. Yixiang Zhang

    Project: Biomass and Coal Combustion

    Co-advisor: Professor Renjie Dong of China Agricultural University  


 Group Pictures


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