Solar Energy and Energy Storage

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Research Overview

The sun is the most abundant energy source available on earth; however, current technology allows for the utilization of only a small fraction of the sun's potential. The focus of this group is on the use of aerosol science and technology to harness this resource to provide ​environmentally benign energy production methodologies.  Our group relies on gas phase synthesis methodologies to produce novel materials to harvest solar energy. 

Areas of focus includes:
  • Nanostructured thin films synthesis using Aerosol Chemical Vapor Deposition 

    (ACVD) for solar cells and batteries

  • Synthesis of transparent conducting oxide using Flame Aerosol Reactor (FlAR)​

  • Nano-biohybrid solar cell and water splitting

  • Kinetics of silicon dust formation and kerf recycling

Students: Tandeep Chadha, Jiaxi Fang, Yao Nie, Shalinee Kavadiya, Miguel Vazquez Pufleau