Doctoral Graduates

(First Line - Name and Date of Graduation
Second Line - Thesis Title
Third Line - Current Position)

  1. Derong Zhou, Graduated January 1991
    Thesis: YBCO Superconducting Powder Generation by an Aerosol Process
    Research Manager, Air Liquide Inc., Philadelphia.
  2. Shaibal Mukherjee, Graduated July 1991
    Thesis: Source Resolution and Risk Apportionment of Air Emission Sources in an Industrial Complex for Risk Reduction Considerations: An Air Waste Management Methodology.
    Research Scientist, US EPA, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.
  3. Chungsying Lu, Graduated December 1991
    Thesis: Theoretical Study of Particle, Chemical and Microbial Transport in Drinking Water Distribution Systems.
    Professor, Dept. of Env. Engr., National Chung Hsing Univ., Taiwan.
  4. Hyuksang Chang, Graduated December 1991
    Thesis: Particle Characterization in Flames by In Situ Light Scattering Measurements.
    Professor, Dept. Of Env. Engineering, Yeungnam University, S. Korea.
  5. Hsunling Bai, Graduated, January 1992
    The​sis: Fundamental Study of Ammonia-Sulfur Dioxide Reactions to Form Solid Particles.
    Professor, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan.
  6. Wen Yinn Lin, Graduated, August 1993
    Thesis: Multicomponent Aerosol Dynamics in Incinerators.
    Professor, Tajen College, Taiwan.
  7. Joseph Flora (co-advisor), Graduated, August 1993
    Thesis: Modeling Mass Transfer and Chemical Interactions in Biofilms.
    Professor, Dept. Of Civil and Env Engr., University of South Carolina.
  8. Timothy Owens, Graduated, August 1995
    Thesis: Aerosol Dynamics and Chemical Reaction Between Lead Compounds and In Situ Generated Silica in High Temperature Systems: Applications to Toxic Metals Capture in Combustors
    Group Leader, General Engineering and Laboratories, Charelston, South Carolina.
  9. Virendra Sethi, Graduated, June 1996
    Thesis: Particle Transport and Depostion Characteristics in Liquids.
    Professor, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.
  10. Chang-Yu Wu, Graduated, December 1996
    Thesis: Study of Gas Phase Reactions, Aerosol Formation and Growth Dynamics of Toxic Metals at High Temperatures.
    Professor, Environmental Engr. And Science, University of Florida.
  11. David Brown, Graduated, December 1996 (co-advisor: Dr. S.G. Rubin)
    Thesis: Development and Application of a Coupled Flow, Chemistry and Aerosol Model: Applications to Supersonic Aircraft Emissions
    Research Engineer, VTT, Finland.
  12. Susan Durlak, Graduated, September 1997
    Thesis: Investigation of Aerosol Formation and Sulfur Speciation in Subsonic Aircraft Engines.
  13. Guixiang Yang, Graduated, March 1998
    Thesis: Gas Phase Processing of Nanostructured Particles and Films: Environmentally Benign Methodologies
    Research Engineer, Yang Technologies.
  14. Tai-Gyu (Teddy) Lee, Graduated, June 1999
    Thesis: Study of Mercury Kinetics and Control Methodologies in Combustion Flue Gases
    Professor and Chair, Chemical Engineering, Yonsei University, Korea.
  15. Anthony Zimmer, Graduated, July 2000
    Thesis: Aerosol Formation Mechanisms, Metallurgical Aspects and Engineering Control of Fumes Generated from Gas Metal Arc Welding Operations
    Research Scientist, USEPA, Cincinnati.
  16. Ye Zhuang, Graduated, July 2000
    Thesis: Experimental and Theoretical Study of Submicrometer Particle Formation and Capture Mechanisms in Coal Combustion Environments
    Research Lead, Beijing Guodian Longyan
  17. ​Clay Miller, Graduated August 2000
    Thesis: Role of Chemical and Morphological Properties of Submicrometer Nickel-Containing Combustion Aerosols on Lung Injury
    Research Scientist, US Army.
  18. Sylvana Li, Graduated August 2000
    Thesis: Chlorine Transport and Decay Studies in a Pilot Scale Dead End Drinking Water Distribution System
    Research Scientist, Engineer, US EPA, Washington DC.​
  19. Zhong-Min Wang, Graduated March 2004
    Thesis: Synthesis of Pristine and Doped Nanostructured Oxides in Flame Reactors
    Research Engineer, California Air Resources Board
  20. Catherine Almquist, Graduated June 2001
    Thesis: The Synthesis and Characterization of Nanostructured Titanium Dioxide Photocatalysts and Their Performance in Selected Environmental and Industrial Applications
    Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering, Miami University.

  21. Washington University in St. Louis Graduates

  22. Pramod Kulkarni, Graduated December 2003
    Thesis: Studies on the Transport and Deposition of Charged Nanoparticles
    Research Scientist, National Institute of Occupational Health and Safety, OH.
  23. Prakash Kumar, Graduated May 2005
    Thesis: Aerosol Routes for Manufacture of Nanostructured Magnetic Oxides
    Research Engineer, Japan.
  24. Kuk Cho, Graduated August 2005
    Thesis: Controlled study on growth dynamics of nanostructured pristine and doped
    titanium dioxide particles
    Research Scientist, KIGAM, Korea.​
  25. Shaohua Hu, Graduated December 2006
    Thesis: Modeling to Establish Traffic Aerosol Contributions that Impact Children's Health
    Research Scientist, California Air Resources Board.
  26. Swapnil Dhumal, Graduated August 2007 (co-advised with Prof. B. Khomami)
    Thesis: Computational and Experimental Study of Gas Phase Synthesis of Nanoparticles
    Research Engineer, GECorporation.
  27. Christopher Hogan, Graduated August 2008
    Thesis: Charging, Clustering, and Fragmentation of Nanoparticles and Macromolecules in Electrohydrodynamic Atomization
    Assitant Professor, University of MInnesota
  28. Soubir Basak, Graduated August 2008
    Thesis: Synthesis and Characterization of Magnetic Iron Oxide for Nanomaterial and Nanosystem Fabrication
    Research Engineer, SunEdison Corporation
  29. Jingkun Jiang, Graduated August 2008
    Thesis: Studies of Nanoparticle Synthesis and Charging in the Gas Phase: Applications inEnvironmentalNanotechnology and Nanotoxicology
    Assistant Professor Tsinghua University, China
  30. Achariya Suriyawong, Graduated May 2009
    Thesis: Oxy-Coal Combustion: Fine Particle & Mercury Emissions and Control
    Assistant Professor, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
  31. Elijah Thimsen, Graduated May 2009
    Thesis: Nanostructured Film Photoreactors for Solar Energy Harvesting
    Assitant Professor, Washington University in St. Louis
  32. Luis Modesto, May 2010
    Thesis: Electrospray Film Deposition Methodologies
  33. Eric Kettelson, December 2010
    Thesis: Novel Soft Corona Enhanced X-ray Systems for Bioagent Inactivation &
    Mechanistic ​Understanding of Inactivation                                                                            Post Doctoral Fellow,  University of Cincinnati
  34. Manoranjan Sahu, December 2010
    Thesis: Nanoparticle Exposure and Toxicity Measurements Using Synthesized
    Nanomaterials Research Engineer, Sun Edison
  35. Woo Jin An, December 2012
    Thesis: AerosolProcesses Enabling Solar Energy Applications
    Post Doc, Univ. of Minnesota
  36. Xiaofei Wang, May 2014
    Thesis: Fine Particle and Mercury Formation and Control during Coal Combustion
    Post-doctoral Researcher, Center for Aerosol Impacts on Climate and the Environment, University of California, San Diego
  37. Vivek Shah, May 2014
    Thesis: Aerosol Techniques for Deposition and Characterization of Biological and Biomimetic Sensitizers for Solar Device
    Process Support Engineer, Applied Material​
  38. He Jing, December 2015
    Thesis: ​Novel Applications of Electrostatic Precipitators in Coal - Biomass Combustion Systems
    Corning, Inc.
  39. Tandeep S. Chadha, May 2016
    Thesis: Nanostructured Thin Film Synthesis by Aerosol Chemical Vapor Deposition for Energy Storage Applications.

    Applied Particle Technology
  40. Jiaxi Fang, May 2016
    Applied Particle Technology​
  41. Yi Jiang, December 2016
    Post doc: Harvard University
  42. Miguel Vazquez, December 2016
  43. Yang Wang, May 2017
    Thesis: Sub 2 nm Particle Cahracterization in Systems with Aerosol Formation and Growth

    Post doc: Brokhanven National Laboratory​​​